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I’ve been a web professional for 10 years, and throughout that time I’ve learned countless lessons along the way. Each new scenario, problem and situation brings about a new lesson in humility, patience, and preparedness that I thought I had mastered but was horribly wrong about. And that’s OK. While I believe that professionals should always have plans and tricks up their sleeves for when the going gets tough, we all need to have that humble attitude of “I don’t know everything.”

It’s not my goal in life to know everything, to collect everything, to buy everything; rather it’s my goal to become the best person that I can be, and to contribute to my community and leave a legacy that I can be proud of.

I believe the web offers us all an opportunity to shape the future in one way or another. Sir Tim Berners-Lee offered us a tool for communication like no other, and one that is continually changing as it helps to mold our lives. It is my goal to help that maturation along by making educated and heart-felt decisions about my career, my work and my life on the web.


I began my journey on the web in 1997, as a high school student with a new computer to play with. Almost immediately I began publishing web pages and experimenting with HTML and CSS. Eventually I discovered some of the more popular professionals and became students: Jeffrey Zeldman, Tantek Çelik, Doug Bowman, Dan Cederholm and Eric Meyer taught me how to “web the right way” through their blogs, articles and books. My library would not be complete without their latest editions (which now all fit on my phone!)

In 2003 I started a web design company with a partner and haven’t stopped creating commercially since. With a variety of small business clients to cater to, my business sense began to grow. In 2004 I started with B & I Nameplate, Inc. as a web designer, soon took on more roles within the company, and continue to work remotely with them as Creative Manager.

After finishing school I moved to Chicago and took on a new challenge as a frontend developer with Dreams Retail, one of the largest sports licensed merchandise e-commerce providers in the world. Soon after I was promoted to manager and oversaw frontend web development and UI/UX design for over 60 of the most popular sports e-commerce online stores. After Dreams was acquired by Fanatics, Inc., I wanted to explore working with a smaller team and company so I accepted a position with Quattrosource. Here where I worked on ALIS, a web-based assisted living administration suite, and Panopta, a service for monitoring network outages.

You can view my resume, or contact me for more information.